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Do you sell edibles?

Yes! We have a wide variety – something sure to please everyone! Check out our menu – or give us a call.

Can I bring my underage child into Seed to Soul? 

No, unlike BC Liquor Stores, you may not bring anyone under the age of 19 into our store.

How can I tell how strong my product is? 

Each product label will include the pre-consumption and total amounts of THC and CBD, in a percentage of the product’s weight. The higher the percentage, the more concentrated the products.

I don’t want to smoke cannabis – are there other ways to use it? 

Yes, other ways to use cannabis include cannabis oil products, including sublingual oils (placed under the tongue), capsules, topicals, and edibles (including soft chews, mints, and beverages).

Our Goals

  • To create a warm, welcoming, spa like environment for our clients.
  • Provide guidance and education to our clients with the help of our knowledgeable and compassionate staff.
  • Guests to feel safe, informed and comfortable.